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C-Angelx is an ‘eCommerce-Mall’ & platform that enables virtually any type of merchant to create its e-commerce account within C-Angelx & then sell its merchandise or receive payments online (of sales, lay-bys, rent, etc), or for any NPO (Non Profit Organization) to fundraise most efficiently and receive donations online’ - (with a customizable unique user-handle’ for its current & prospective patrons to find & follow its ecommerce account) all within the C-Angelx environment.

C-Angelx doesn’t necessarily own the items displayed on the various accounts of the respective merchants, neither does it fundraise on behalf of NPOs - but rather serves also as a platform for prospective Patrons (customers, clients, supporters, etc) with C-Angelx accounts to also search, find and follow C-Angelx accounts of individual merchants and NPOs they like in order to interact with online’ using necessary tools made available to all users. The actual contract for sale or donation therefore’ is directly between the respective Merchants or NPOs & their Patrons (individuals).

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As a Patron, you can sign-up for your own free C-Angelx account, and then follow as many merchants & NPOs of interest as you would like, through their individual C-Angelx accounts (searching by product, business name or unique User-Handle)’ for convenient & secure e-commerce relationships, managed through your effective Relationship Management module that will be properly synched with the various merchants & NPOs that you’ll be following; thus also helping you to efficiently manage your online donations or purchases from the various entities’ conveniently, which may include the lay-bys (down-payment) or monthly installments, Group Purchasing (invite your contacts to purchase Pizza online, a holiday trip, or other interests’ by ‘pooling funds’ together), efficient online donations to various NPOs - whether religious, political or for a good cause, etc.

You can transact online with a Credit Card or Without one - as you can preload your C-Angelx account (CET coming soon) with cash money at a C-Angelx-partner-shop’s Kiosk or bank’ if you are currently unbanked or are rather unsettled with giving out your credit-card details online due to security concerns or privacy. CET as an alternative to credit-card based transacting, can also save you money on high Credit-Card processing charges as a frequent online shopper’ if you chose it over credit-card to do ecommerce!

' C-Angelx gets bigger & better each day’ as our Merchant & NPO database continues to grow in the market - thus more inventory for Your own personal “eCommerce Relationships Manager” - to intelligently manage as much of your accounts conveniently & with efficiency (ranging from your online shopping sprees, to your child’s Kindergarten bill, or your monthly Rent or lay-by payments, etc.), all in the e-commerce environment of C-Angelx. Your support and use of our service therefore is greatly appreciated!

Before creating a C-Angelx Merchant or NPO account, you MUST first create a personal C-Angelx account, which would enable you to optionally create within it’ an account for your organization (via the ‘My Account’ menu on the top right). You will also need to create an account with Payfast (third-party Credit-Card processing company) via a link on C-Angelx during registration, so that Payfast as a payment gateway’ can process and transfer your money to your bank account after each sale or donation (on your C-Angelx account) by your patrons.

In addition to creating your Merchant or NPO account, C-Angelx enables for a customizable & unique user-handle (you’ll learn more about this shortly bellow’ on the User-Handles sub-menu), so that your current & prospective Patrons can easily find your business & then ‘Follow’ it for online interacting (unlimited followers). Manage your online donations or sales, inventory, subordinates (your customer services personnel through in-built tools’ so that they process sales and other sales-force functions on your C-Angelx account, while you manage your business without distractions), as well as the management of Patrons efficiently’ using the built-in Relationship Management service (eCommerce-based CRM synched with that of your Patrons).

C-Angelx has limited the maximum inventory upload to your Top 1K bestselling items, however – you can ‘quote’ a Patron of the other items not listed on your account but available in your physical shop (or donation pledge quoting in the case of an NPO), & then the patron can pay a deposit or lay-by - followed by monthly installments (both you/your sales-team & the Patron are able to track these transactions’ using your Relationship Management modules within your respective C-Angelx accounts - synched).

These are ‘customer-services team’ sub-accounts created within the merchants or NPOs’ main account - by the admin/owner’ for individual sales personnel of the business (with limited access & functionality), so that your sales staff can interact with patrons & process online sales’ including readying them for collection by courier services/dispatch, etc - while you (the owner/director) manages your business without distractions. You are able to create as many subordinate sub-accounts as you would like, as well as monitor and manage these based on their performance or your preferences. - Subordinates would first have to create their own personal C-Angle accounts, and then the admin/manager can add them as ‘subordinates’ using their email or cell number associated with C-Angel.

TMerchant & NPO (User-Handles): For tighter security & efficiency reasons - C-Angelx ‘user-handles’ are globally unique, and may begin with the name of a merchant or NPO, and then the ‘@’ sign, followed by either the actual name of the Mall (complex, centre, etc) where the merchant/NPO is located, or the name of the Road (Avenue, Drive, Street) of physical address where the merchant or NPO is located’ if not housed at a mall/centre, e.g.: cancerfund@wallstreet or kindergarten@apartmentscomplex, wildmeat@rosebankmall, etc (You can either use the name of the centre at the end of your user-handle, or the street name if not based inside a mall/centre).

Fortunately, C-Angelx does also allow for an admin/owner to add more ‘merchant or NPO’ accounts within his C-Angelx account (associating your personal account with multiple business accounts), so that you dont have to log-in-and-out of multiple accounts in order to monitor your many branches (& performance of subordinates) as you can simply alternate between your businesses via the ‘My Account’ menu, including adding or deleting Merchants/ NPOs from a list in the same menu (one personal C-Angelx account for all your businesses, efficiently designed & easy to manage).

A merchant or NPO with many branches at different places may have to create more user-handles & adapt these respectively to suite the exact location of the merchant’s/NPO’s branches’ in order to be consistent with our beneficial & strict requirements, i.e. pizzacafe@capecollege, pizzacafe@rosebankmall & pizzacafe@longstreet, etc.

- C-Angelx has a ‘Verified Account’ sign for merchants & NPOs, which can be applied for’ & placed next to the user-handle on the front page of the C-Angelx Account of the respective merchant or NPO’ for its Patrons to see. This sign would help enhance the trust-worthiness of your account to current & prospective patrons, & further help improve the image of your account. You will need the following to apply for a Verified Account sign:

  1. Prove of Address of your Merchant or NPO (e.g. Utility bill, etc)
  2. Prove of identity, such as your drivers’ licence, or Passport, or government issued ID (of the owner or any director of the merchant or NPO)
  3. Your User-Name has to follow our guidelines as shown above in terms of structuring. - Email us the above information & files attached, as well as your merchants or NPOs’ User-Handle & your ‘personal’ C-Angelx account info (email/cell of the merchant or NPO account holder), with the subject line: Account verification application. Do note that Processing may take a few days before the ‘Verification Sign’ is placed.

Patrons would continue to use C-Angelx freely’ for life, while the only costs to be incurred would be from 3rd party service providers - i.e. network data costs.

In regards to merchants: C-Angelx has NO subscription or trial-period whatsoever. We generate revenue through advertisements, and a fee of 2% from the total online purchase or installment payed (by the Patron) to the merchant - i.e. a total 100-Bucks purchase would return us 2-Bucks (we do not charge the Patron, but the merchant). Another cost to be incurred by the merchant is from the third-party payment-gateway service provider (credit-card processor - if the patron used a credit-card to pay), which is a fee deducted for credit-card processing: thus, it is reasonable for the merchant to take these fees into account when setting up prices of items in its C-Angelx account (i.e. online prices can be different from the physical store prices of the merchant).

The donations received by NPOs are exempt from the 2% fee (controlled adverts may be displayed however). Third-party payment gateway (credit-card processing fee) charges may still apply.

Please do also read the C-Angelx Terms & Conditions as well as the C-Angelx Privacy Policy before using our services. Your use of this site or app would mean you accept & consent to our Terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy

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